Monday, November 20, 2006

Making a layout #9 The 2nd corner.

Keep making the model train layout heading to the 2nd corner after the 1st corner where the mountain house is located.

Brush some water at the surface of the plaster.

Put some bondwater at the both side of rails for brown color powder. I have to do this as quick as possible while the bondwater stay wet. Plaster does swallow water too quick if you don't supply any beforehand so that I need to suply some water beforehand.

I think I have tried some plural ways in turns to do anything! lol..... Masking rails to spray some waterbond. The right side of this picture above is the 2nd corner where I am planning to put some autumn foliage because the 3rd corner would be a crosscountry skiing trails which expresses winter. This 2nd corner should be a prelude for it. The rail ground has been changing the color from green to brown because of the fallen leaves.

Making some areas at the steep hill in the 2nd corner flat to put some trees. Can't find any red, yellow, orange and brown powder in Japan to make autumn foliage. Does anyone know some shops in Japan sell them?

At this moment they are all broadleaf trees I have. Probably need to put a lot more to make it rich.

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