Monday, December 18, 2006

JNR 481 series "Ariake"

Found a 11 passenger cars 481 series "Ariake" limited express train which had stationed around Osaka at Nishi-Kagoshima station when I traveled around Kyushu island after passing the entrance exam to a sinior high.Included 2 green cars ( 1st class passenger cars ) and a restaurant car. When I found them, just thought "Oh you are here now ". But fortunately I didn't forget taking this picture. Nowadays even limited express trains tend to get shorter ( constituted by fewer passenger cars ), so it's hard for me to find limited express trains of this 481/485 series with 11 passenger cars or more. Impossible to find this coloring of the former JNR limited express color with the old shaped air-condition equipments like mashrooms at the roof. Bonus is you can find another one at the deep. Just around 12 years had passed since this 481 series train had started being produced.

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