Friday, December 15, 2006

Making a layout #16 Coloring the elevated area.

Now starting coloring the elevated area.
I think this looks nice, isn't it?

Fill inbetween tracks with some foam polystyrene to make it lighter.

I wonder if I were someone who easily saves some static electricity because form polystyrene don't get apart from me easily, so I need to wear globes and use a pair of tweezers. In this point of view, winter is a hard time for me because often I get some static electricity shock e.g. when I touch a door knob, when I stick a key in a key hole.

Put some waterbond then color powder. Then again waterbond by a syringe to glue the powder better.

Put some balast to hide the rail edge as it was outstanding than I supposed.

Touch the balast slightly by a brush to make it flatter and calmer by lightening there. Later pour some waterbond there to glue it better. My far sighted eyes hurt!!!

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