Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cleaning tools

A regular poster to our Japanese blog informed me that a cleaning car above was avaiable at an auction. I was in a hurry to get it. It cleans the tracks while it runs on them.
The explanation sheet says through the 2 nuts at the top, we can fill the special fluid and adjust how much it comes out etc. Something at the bottom is what cleans the tracks. Can replace the clothes by open/close the small nuts there.

This connector is an American one.

This loco could pull the cleaning car because it's an American steam loco.

A same connecter!


This is what another regular poster in our Japanese blog presented me. It's an equipment to clean wheels. Just need to put a loco/car/coach on the track then provide some electlicity to work if it's a motor car.
So, now I got both a cleaning car and a wheel cleaner, only problem is if I can use them correctly lol......

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