Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A lid of a fuel tank

Weather forcast says it might be snowy and stormy at the end of January and the begining of February , so I checked my snowblower and filled the fuel tank. But I didn't find the lid of the fuel tank, so I went to the factory I always ask the snowblower maintainance to get one.

2400 yen! I expected some hundreds yen for that, quite different. A lot often special stuff of special equipments cost much more than expected. Especially if it's a snowblower, it goes like that. Snowblowers are not for everyone for daily use like usual cars. By the way, snowblowers are not something you can buy anytime. They are in some exibitions in autumn (before winter people need them!) and they try to sell them out before the winter starts. So even new ones are not available in winter. If your snowblower were broken or out of order and you need to buy new one, you can't!!!! This really bothered me too much some years back. Check out "Buddy da antique snowblower" tribute in our old Earlybird express.

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