Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Take care of your teeth

Now I got my artificial tooth out of my gums. The artificial tooth is what I got when I broke my own tooth there by my ski pole when I lost balance when I skiied roughly 20 years ago. It hurt a lot when a pole hit the tooth, it even hurt my nerve all over all the way to my brain!
The hard part is now I can not pronounce English "th" correctly due to no tooth there. Silent "th" is okay, I guess but if it's noise "th" e.g. moTHer, oTHer etc, it's hard to do it.
And... I avoid laughing when I talk with my guests now. It's too funny to see me laughing without a tooth there when I see it in a mirror lol....
Until when I go to see a dentist next time - some more days - I need to stay with this situation which kinda sucks :(

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