Monday, March 12, 2007

Biggest snow this season but it's already in the second half of March.

This is not a big snow which they predicted in weather forcast last night. In my opinion, a big snow is like 50cms in a night.

But ski slopes got more snow!!

Just a tiny bit of distance from our place to ski slope but sometimes it makes big difference as to snow.
I usually wonder when I need to play my snowblower when we have some snowfalls but this time I collect snow in our parking by a snowdump.

And put them onto a flowerbed.

Now I can make some holes for candles to get in. Candles with fire looks so nice at night which I really love. Maybe making holes and stuff is the work for tomorrow, not for today. When you get older, you can't do this and that so much at a time or you'll have problems here and there e.g. sore muscles, be careful :-)

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