Thursday, March 8, 2007

Front in spring

After the Japanese narcissus finished their blooming, some other flowers are displayed in our front. How many flowers below do you know?

The pink one at the upper left : cyclamen
In front of cyclamen : one kind of ivy (I think ) Hedera
The yellow flowers left side of hedera : Freesia
The yellow and dark blue flowers : Primula
The thin leaves left side of Primula : Crocus
The yellow flowers at the deep right : Kalanchoe

Freesia smells the strongest of them, but even then it's not stronger than Japanese narcissus.

I hang some "Hoozuki (Japanese lantern)" at the left side of a blackboard. The roots of Hoozuki really widespread in the ground, so you'd better have some in a pot, not in a flowerbed. If you put them in flowerbeds, probably other plants can not grow good.

Zooming up to a pot of hedera. Iveys do survive even if they don't get enough sunshine. For example at the north side of a house, inside of a house. But they don't seem they like cold temperture, their leaves get redder if it's 5C or colder. So I always get them inside of my house when it's getting colder and colder before they get red.

I put rosemaries also inside of the house to avoid snowfall. But as we use them for cooking, they are losing leaves little by little lol..... They like sunshine pretty much, not like ivey. So when it's sunny, I try to put them outside to get sunshine on them. It's not impossible to have some fresh flowers and herbs even in winter in this snowy places if you try.

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