Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kiha 58 series express train "Daisen"

Connected Osaka and Hamada, Masuda and Taisha in San-in region.
This picture below was probably taken in 1976.

"Daisen" was exactly a long distance express train which kept leaving Osaka at 9:50 for long time. Trains for San-in region were usually in service via Fukuchiyama line e.g. limited express train "Matsukaze" which connected Osaka to Hakata all the way along the San-in main line. Also, limited express "Hamakaze" and express "Tajima" were available via Bantan line.
"Daisen" had some cars for Hamada or Masuda, and some others for Taisha. Cars for Taisha were devided from others at Izumoshi station. If I remember correctly there were some other cars which were left at Yonago, Tottori or Toyooka.
If I dare say, we could fantasize some trips when we find that many destination signboards in one train. Pay attention, the last diesel car you see now don't have aircondition machine at its ceiling. Didn't know there were still some non aircondition diesel cars for that south regions at that time. 101 series commutor train cars are also visible in this picture.

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