Monday, April 30, 2007

A blogger visited us to drive his train

A blogger linked from / to our Japanese blog seibu_mania visited us to run his seibu train in our layoug. They have LED lights inside, looks cool.

He says he had made the train cars by purchasing them as kits. He did everything - to make holes for handrails to get fixed at the bodies and made the handrails themselves by a very thin wire!!!!!!!! Felt as if it were a far-reaching story to me.

The LED color is a good contrast to orange lights in the layout. It's anyway a 3 seibu train car set which we don't have at all. Also, they are 17 meters class train cars. They run with a particular joint sound of 17 meters class. I felt it passed real quick that we talked this and that too much about model train. Probably that is what people say geeks never sleep when they talk about what they like :-)

Hayaokidori website

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