Saturday, April 7, 2007

Donguri (acorns) bank

Went to the Escal plaze the base building of Hakuba Goryu ski slope the other day and found a shop of Donguri Kyowakoku (Republic of *** ).
You can deposit acorns and get a bank note for it. In the bank note, it is described like you have 100 ( acorns instead of currencies ) in the account. You'll get an acorn tree pot per 100 account in the note once a year. You can transplant it in a mountain by getting a permission for it from the mountain owner or you can choose another option to ask them to grow it somewhere in Kochi prefecture instead of growing the acorn pots by yourself.
Anyway we had many accident with bears last autumn in Japan. Acorn trees seemed to have much less acorns than usual, so bears were not able to get enough foods before their winter sleep so that they showed up a lot often around us to get somthing to eat. Unfortunately a lot were shooted.
I think this Donguri bank could find a new way how human beings and bears survive each other not having unnecessary accidents.
At the same time, I thought some more possibilities to grow another plant that fills like

#1. Plants that have nuts which bears eat
#2. Plants that have an opposite cycle from acorn trees about good harvests and bad harvests
#3. Plants that can grow where bears live.

Especially about #2, probably some specialists could answer it correct. I thought of something important today.

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