Monday, April 9, 2007

Enoden vol.2 Spring point

Pay attention on the point when you watch the clip by clicking the picture below.

It seems that most points in Enoden tracks are spring points. They guide trains where the train should go on. In the case of this picture above, the point guided a train which came from the opposite side to the other track from the train I was on. When the train I got on went on, you were probably affraid of the point shouting loud "ewwwww" because it still opened to the other track if you didn't know how a spring point worked. If I dare say, probably it's like a train can go on by setting the point by its weight to go on.
Enoden trains are in service every 12 minutes. And it's a singler track. Which means they need to have a place to escape every 6 minutes on the way, and actually they set them pretty good. Hase, Inamuragasaki, Enoshima and Kugenuma station have escape tracks and Minegahara traffic light center also has one. Enoden trains meet another one for opposite direction at all the places above.

To be continued.

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