Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Making a layout #42 Around a beer house

Looks it's getting more and more stuff now.

Another table is now located in front of the beer house. Waiters and a waitress also joined. They are a presier figure set called "innkeepers".

A beer barrel wagon. I didn't hesitate to order this one at all when I found it. Hum... a beer barrel wagon and a beer house. Looks as if it were a heaven for heavy drinkers, not good :p (^^;;;;

A beer barrel wagon and a mizett. Wonder what the era is.. lol...

I put some sitting fitures in Luigi's pizzeria as well.

Also, at some terrace chairs, too.

Looks like this. I have to pave around once when I start making a tram track here. So now it's just a temporaly location for all figures.

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