Monday, July 30, 2007

Trans Alps Express

I found some beautiful clips at YouTube, just would like to share some with everyone.
When I hear "Trans Alps Express", always these below pop up in my mind.

Glacier Express

Bernina Express

Glacier express runs via BVZ railway Brig station. It looks more like a stop of a tram rather than a normal railway station which confused me a bit when I traveled there.

Brig is an important location for transportation because we can go to Italy, also go to Interlaken direction and Lausanne, Geneve.

Scene from a train for Interlaken direction from Brig
Tracks go left direction at the first part of this clip above are the one for Lausanne, Geneve.
 Trains for Interlaken direction start earning the height from here to go across the Europe Alps. When I traveled there, it was just a single track around the tunnel. Maybe their budget to construct the tunnel across the Europe Alps might have not been enough to make plural tracks.
 Anyway, I feel it very comfortable to see this clip because the train runs in a very comfortable speed. As we are now used to Shinkansen ( bullet train ) and some super-express train in Japan, when I find this kind of speed, I can not help mentioning it.

 You'll find some cars keep getting on a freight train at the end of this clip. They bring cars by trains. I am not sure there are tunnels for cars across the Europe Alps or not, but this kind of service is available there. Not in Japan.

Chur A locomotive pulls some passenger cars on a track in a paved road. Looks as if it runs in a tram track. Could not be in Japan....

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