Thursday, August 9, 2007

Making a bed

All the guest rooms in our property have some beds in each, we make beds sometimes with some yelling like "Yokkorasho! ( Hard to translate into English :o ) as the base, mat are heavy.

We make beds like this. So now I show you how we do this....

First of all, I put a pad on a mat.

Put a sheet on them to get the lower edge to meet the mat edge. I always ask them to deliver good starched sheets though nowadays no starched sheets seem demanded to decrease the cost. I think starched sheets are "must" to provide comfortable sleep but I may be an old fashioned guy :(

Fix the head side of this sheet like this below as if a piece of paper folds up a caramel.

Put another sheet on it to fix the upper edge to meet the mat edge there, then put the lower side inbetween the mat and the base as if the sheet holds the mat. With these way, sheets are fixed.

Put a blanket in summer, two in winter on it then fix everywhere to complete the job.

Done!(^^) It takes roughly 5 minutes for me to make a bed, so however hard I try to make beds, it's like 12 beds in an hour. Also, it's not like just 2.5 minutes required if 2 persons make a bed.
I am just careful not to hurt my waists by setting a corset around them as I need to lift the mat up and down, move it back and forth. A lot hard work than supposed.

Just a tiny bit of a back stage :-)

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Andrew said...

Hi Masaki,
wow where did you learn to make a bed like that?

My father was in the US military and they had to make their beds perfectly like that.

I hope you are well

gamera63 said...

Hi Andrew.

Thanks for your post.
I worked in some properties as a seasonal helper before I started running my own place and learned some ways to make beds. I arranged the way as it becomes easier to us and comfortable for guests.
Sometimes people from the U.S. military bases advice me to do this and that when they stay in my place with us and I take them to improve the way :-)