Wednesday, August 22, 2007

By ourselves

Recently we often have thought about what's safe to eat and where we can get them. But the more we thing about it, the more we get consensus that the only way for it is to grow something by ourselves lol...... I know we can not do everything we need though. Hakuba provides comfortable weather, so it's not so tough to keep working to grow something even in summer.

Cabbages. As we don't use any agricultural chemicals, bugs show up and eat anything a lot, so it's like battles with them everyday lol.... Weather here in Hakuba goes pretty mild and cool, so it's not so tough to work some in the sun. But usually we avoid doing anything in strong sunshine in daytime.

Broccoli. Looks similar with cabbages. They are a kind of buddies in taxonomy.
Did you know if you get some fresh broccolies you will find a lot bugs showing up when you boil them?. They keep hiding themselves somewhere inbetween even when you wash them.

What we call "edamame". Good for beer :-) Hakuba might provide comfortable weather for them, they grow good.

Shimonita leek(right). They are unique ones, usually leeks in Japan are not that thick. Local people in Hakuba usually eat what we call "Shironegi" or "Naganegi" which is long one and almost white except some top part. We are originally from Kansai region ( Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe ), so we eat green thinner one.

What we call "sunny lettuce". I think they grow too good. ( Feel a bit rough in my mouth when I eat some )

Cucumbers. When they grow as they like, they will never be all straight.

Carrots. Their leaves look sensitive and beautiful.

Tomatoes are getting red now. Hakuba might have less sunshine than they need. :(

Russian red beets. We can cook some Russian dishes with them :-) I am not sure how much else I can buy for them here in Hakuba though.
When we grow something to eat, they are definately not good looking as you see lol.... but anyway safe, no poisonous.

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