Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The final stage for old train cars.

Found some when I rearranged stuff.

I don't remember what this serioes was. Maybe one of Kumoha 32 , 41, 51, 61 something like that. Anyway old JNR EMU train cars were unique each. It was also fun to learn which was which and what was different.

Local trains on Keihanshin-kanko line (Nishi-akashi <--> Kyoto) at the Yodogawa river railroad bridge.

At that time, Keihanshin-kanko line local trains were already 7 train cars ones. With this type of old train cars, usually they made it 4+3. 4 at Nishi-Akashi side and 3 at Kyoto side to make 7. Sometimes I found all the 7 had control rooms at either side. In short, I guess they cared the control room of the 4th train car was forwarded Kyoto side and one of the 5th train cars was forwarded Nishi-Akashi side but didn't care others lol... It was fun to see for a kid. Old train cars at that time were all unique. Some had toilet, some had benches for people to be face to face in a limited space along window side. (We call it "box" sheet here in Japan) And some older ones showed a lot of rivets at their surfaces. Some had 4 doors on their side and others had 3. So wonder how they showed where the doors would be at the platform at that time. Can not check it as time has passed so long :o
As some short run train which ran from Koshienguchi <--> Suita were only 4 train cars, I guess they needed to make 7 with 4 + 3 to adapt it.
In both pics above, a Kuha79 is at the head. Depends on when they were made, their exterior and interior were slightly different as you see. I guess following cars were Moha72 etc. They didn't hang signboards to show their destination, did they?
This kind of old train cars had been replaced into 103 series commutor cars since 1969. If I remember right, they were completely replaced around 1977-1978.
I think these 2 pictures above were taken at the same date with the one of 481 series red skirt "Shioji" limited express train I showed while long ago, probably it was around 1972-73. Because 481 series was not in charge for "Shioji" limited express train in 1971 or before when 181 series train stayed in Mukomachi train cneter.

Diesel cars for express train. Kiha 65

Thought this one below would be a kiha 58 Diesel car but...

I guess there's a description which says "Kiha 57 4" at its side. Kiha 57 series was made to pass the Usui summit, this kiha 57 series DMU were phantoms and had air-suspensions at their boggies while their "buddy" series kiha 58 / 28 series didn't. If thr green car ( 1st class passenger car ) in the pic of kiha 65 were kiha 27, this DMU was an incredibly high percentage air-suspensioned one.

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