Thursday, August 30, 2007

Making a layout #44 --- maintainance : replacing a midgetlamp

When I turned the lights in my layout on today, one midgetlamp wasn't turned on. The first midgetlamp I had to replace :(

Fixed layouts look cool with full of sceneries but if it comes to maintainance, it's not easy at all.

I needed to go below the basement boards to reach the electric terminal to control lights around that area. The second couples of terminal were for the light I had to replace.

Cutting the codes to get them apart from the fitings for a terminal. Therefore I can pull the codes all the way out of the basement boards.

Pulling the lamp and codes all the way out of the basement boards. Then, needed to get a pair of codes of a new midgetlamp into the boards.

Parts for this work. Have to get all apart from others so that I can find a correct one easily.

Done!!(^^) Perhaps you might think it's very easy to complete, but it's not if you drop the parts when you do the job, if your eyes were far sighted ones like mine lol.........., sometimes they are not good at focus the objetcts :(

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