Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hakuba regional autumn festival 2007

I am in charge of community activities this year. So every time they hold some events, I have to plan and organize something. There was an autumn festival in our region this past weekends ( Sep.16,17th 2007 ). It's a festival to celebrate the harvest. So probably like a thanksgiving?

Mikoshi - a portable shrine. Carried by some people on their shoulders.
To explain what I was in charge of.....

To control the speed by pulling the white rope tied to this Dashi full of kids who play the music there especially when it's on a downhill. I am not a brake!!! :o
When I think about my life, friends asked me to be a goalkeeper when we played soccer in my school days.... In short, my life is like to stop others or obstacle others by my bulk and heavy body ( bulk and heavy as a Japanese boy, I've learned that I am not bulk and heavy if it's universal standard :p )... something like that! LOL. And still on the way...... life might be hard to be changed :o
Before starting going ahead, I needed to replace my position at the left forward to control the Dashi.
Dashi tends to go fast if it's even a slight downhill, a tructer pulled it from its back. I just paid attention at kids around me not to injure any.

An old traditional straw roof house on the way. There are a few of this kind of houses in our area. Would like to live in this kind of house once but wonder it's tough to maintain the roof as there are few professionals to replace the straw when it's needed.

Nobori - flags for each group in the community to celebrate what farmers harvested.
We parade some distance with the Nobori.

Girls as miko ( dancers ) for Urayasu-no-mai. They became tense but anyway girls seem to like to dress and make up :)

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