Saturday, October 13, 2007

Malet golf

Not sure if this was widespreaded or not. What we call "Malet golf". With a hammer likewise stick, we hit a ball ( tennis ball big but hard ) to have it into a hole in a course. It's just like golf but we just make the ball run on the ground, not in the air. First time for me to try it today as a community recreation staff for this year.

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andrew said...

Hi Masaki,

This sounds similar to Croquet. Where you hit hard balls with a mallet to try to get them through wire hoops, while at the same time trying to prevent your opponent for doing it.

gamera63 said...

Hi Andrew.
Thanks for your post.
I think Croquet is more like what we call "Gateball". When you play gateball, your ball has to go through gates located in courses. Ever tried that croquet?