Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Still active #2 - a cylindrical post vol.2

Found an antique post at Togakushi as well. Well, but something goes different from you know what?

Hayaokidori website


Anonymous said...

Hi there Gam,

Great to see you are still in Hakuba. It's Froggy here. I am still in Brisbane, Australia. I have good memories of staying at your place. I will be in Japan in January and would love to get back to Hakuba for a few days. Have recently been skiing at Mt Hutt in NZ which was fun, but Hakuba was much nicer. The pics of Togakushi are great. I have been there with a friend. Its a very mysterious place. There is a book in English called the Togakushi Legend Murders by Yasuo Uchida which is a really interesting suspense story that people might like to read.
My email address is still the same.
Take care. Hopefully I can stay at Hayaokidori again soon.


gamera63 said...

Hi Froggy
Nice to have your comment, thanks.
I hope you could make it to come to my place in January. How have you progressed your skiing?
Yes, Togakushi was a Ninja town, mysterious to me, too!
See you 'till your next staying :-)

gamera63 said...

Oh froggie, I must have had very old e-mail address of yours. I just e-mailed at that addy (bigpond one) but got back to me in delivery failure. Can you toss me your newest one at