Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Green soybeans

Green soybeans. We Japanese often boil them and spread salt and call them "Edamame". Edamame is good with beer. When you get in a beer house or a beer hall whatever in Japan, you often find people order this edamame thing a lot.

But a lot of people don't know the fact that this is soybean! Because we use different words for "green" soybean and "dried" soybean. Edamame is a word for "green" soybean but we call "dried" soybean Daizu. No relational sounds at all. So if they don't see the process how green soybeans are dried to be "dried" soybeans ( Daizu ), they usually don't know the green soybeans and dried soybeans are same stuff. Maybe this misunderstandings does not happen among English speaking people because they use "soybean" for both.

A bunch of soybeans are getting dried little by little.

Completely dried , some "Daizu" show up.

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