Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hakuba Onbe 2008

Onbe is a traditional event here in HaKuba. But our area is only one which still holds this event even now. All the other areas have already quit it, maybe it must have been tough to keep holding it. Onbe is held at the first Sunday after the new year's day. The date is really flexible. If the first Sunday was Jan.2nd, maybe people in Hakuba are very busy because most of them have jobs related to ski industry. Perhaps the date would be postponed next Sunday ( 9th ) in that case.
At the Onbe day, children visit each and every door to ask some donation for them. Some adults in charge of the community hall activities have to lead them. I am the one for this year ( April 07 - March 08 ), so I did the work. People dontate some can ask them to receive old cards to burn. Those cards are a kind of religious stuff to pray something.

Collected cards, Daruma-s are hanged at the pole, then make fire at the bottom.
When the pole falls down, this fire event ends.

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