Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blue-and-White Flycatcher which did not move.

The other day I found a blue and white flycatcher ( Ooruri in Japanese )at the front in our place. It was definately a male judging from the color. It didn't go away when I got close to it and didn't defence at all even when I slightly touch it. I wondered if he was diing. I put a dish of water beside it to observe for a while.

As there are ravens and hawks in the forest, it was clear that his life was not guaranteed if I got away. I knew a small bird like that didn't understand what I said but I could not help talking to it like "Are you okay?". I felt as if I were a stupid boy. Blue and white flycatchers are small birds like sparrows. Perhaps a little bit bigger than them. Males and females of this bird have totally different body color. Male ones are clearly blue, white and black as you see. But female ones are moss green if I can describe. With that tiny body, they fly over than thousand kilometers from the south to Japan to spend their time in summer here to breed. After they reach Kyushu island, they can fly along the shore, rivers, roads, railways whatever on the ground but before the Kyushu island, they have to fly on the sea which is tough.
I am not sure now it's time for them to be tired after the long distance flying. But if we can help them something to servive , I would.

Unfortunately people seem to feel it uncomfortable to have swallows around their houses nowadays because if they nest there, their poops drop off the nest and make mess around. I guess probably I don't feel it nice if my suit gets any from them, but for me it's more important to protect that kind of small lives. If we are to live somewhere where they can not survive, I don't think we can survive with that circumstances. Maybe we can for some dozens of years but probably not so long.

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