Thursday, April 9, 2009

To pass winter for plants with full of joy and sorrow

09040904.jpg I am a little bit confused why some plants were not able to survive winter and others were able to do better than usual. Maybe because of this warmer winter we had this season or maybe because of other reasons. This picture is a size 6 pot chervil. Not that bad condition to have another new Spring.

A lot bigger pots full of chervils. Looks a little bit tired :(

09040907.jpgTulips. Grows better than usual. Maybe because the warm weather in this winter.

09040909.jpgRosemaries. Also better condition maybe because of the warmer weather. But just wondering if the temperture affects even plants inside of the house in winter?

09040908.jpgDelifinium in a flower bed. It showed up a little bit earlier than usual. An important kind of plants which survives for some plural years. Wonder how long it has survived.

09040916.jpgOreganos also seem to success surviving this winter. They survive outside of the house, so it does not bother me at all.

On the other hand, some plants were not able to survive this winter.
09040901.jpgNarcissusesto which get in bloom in midwinter. For me, it's just natural to have this pops up in my mind when people say "Suisen" in Japanese. Daffodils pop up for someone, but narcissuses for me because I was raised up and lived in Kansai area where narcissuses were just natural and popular. Narcissuses get in bloom in midwinter when no other flowers get in bloom. They smells very elegant and have very tiny cute flowers.
I left them in some pots outside of the house. Not sure what was wrong. Maybe because snow got on top of the pots or maybe because of the warmer weather this winter. They even didnt have leaves at the time of blooming and finally went bad :(
In Kansai region where I lived before, we just put them in a flowerbed and waited for the bloom. They got in bloom in midwinter. Probably I guess they need very "dry" and "cold" situation. When snow covers the pots, it could provide some moist which bothers them to grow? I am not really sure but would like to know the exact reasons why.
I would like to have them in bloom next year to welcome our guests.

09040915.jpgThymes were almost annihilated. I thought it was one of the easiest herbs to survive winter, so it was a kind of shock to see them dead. What was wrong? :(

09040906.jpgPangies I transplanted into a flowerbed the other day. You can see some lavenders behind them.

09040911.jpgA combination of yellow and orange pangies in a pot with a stand. A combination just to express joy to have another new Spring.

09040912.jpgA combination of white and red pangies. I guess probably it's better to have ones without marks at the center.

09040917.jpgMost rosemaries had some roots out of the bottom of the pots. I needed to transplant them into bigger pots. So I did it from 6 size pots to 8 size pots.

09040918.jpgWhen I need to transplant 7 rosemaries, I need to more sand than expected. Need to place them somewhere sunlight does not reach for a while.

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