Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Battle with snow

We have tons of snow this season.
NEC_0121.JPG As you see, snow is a lot taller than my pajero even though I threw some there.
(^^;;; Of course, I am not visible from the opposite side.

This is not the only story!
Most snow drops off the roof but we have a roof which is not steep enough, so I have to climb there to shovel snow. Have to put a tall ladder to reach there.MoCIMG3708.JPG View from the top. The ladder is approxiately 3 meters tall but expandable. I expand it a bit to reach the roof. Have to climb slowly and carefully as it's sometimes windy all of sudden. The flat roof is roughly 6 tatami mats big ( 10 square meters ), so if I shovel the snow there often, it's not a hard work. 

CIMG3709.JPGBut this time we got a lot more snow than expected, totally more than 1 meter tall on the roof. This made it harder to shovel even if it was just a 6 tatami mats big :o
The shovel in the picture is roughly 150cms tall, so you can guess how much snow was on the roof. I devide the snow into smaller pieces by the shovel to throw down.

CIMG3706.JPGAs I throw snow on the ground, the warehouse entrance looks like this! Have to shovel there, too to get in and out.(^^;;;

Time for our snowblower to show up when I complete to drop all the snow off.CIMG3712.JPG Our snowblower since autumn 2002. 4 sylinder engine of 18 horse power. Our previous antique snowblowerhad a 2 sylinder engine of 16 horse power, it consumed much less gasoline. Our present snowblower exactly consumes much more gasoline but it can throw snow a lot farther, which makes it easier to remove snow. All the operation for example having the auger up and down, shooter left to right etc are controlled by oil pressure, so if anything goes wrong with it, the present snowblower never works :( The antique snowblower needed me to operate everything by hand, so it was exactly tough but less trouble.

Snow removing job is not easy, it's a danger work. Always have to be careful and need to stay safe. When we have tons of snow, we need to do this kind of job often to survive.

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Albury Hotel said...

Yeah I could imagine it would be.. does it get danderous at times?

gamera63 said...

Yes, it does. While you drive a snowblower, you really need to be careful. When you move around it, you have to be sure the snowblower does stop.
Long ago, I put my index finger inside of the shooter, a propella in it didn't stop completely. I stitched my index finger 5! Very painful to stitch it in a clinic.

Albury Hotel said...

Ouch! did they give you something to bit down on, as they sticjed you up?

Do you have to have a license to drive a snowblower?

gamera63 said...

Yep, they did but it didn't work good. I felt it very painful.

No, we don't need a licence to drive a snowblower if one is that big in the picture. If it is big enough to obstruct traffic in streets, probably you need a special licence for it.