Friday, May 14, 2010

Seeding some

When you have some flowers, sometimes it costs too much more than expected if you keep purchasing flower pots. So, it helps if you try to seed something.

CIMG3870.JPGShort cosmoses. I expect they won't get down by wind.

CIMG3877.JPGDelfiniums. Funnels don't work good to give water to them because if you use a funnel for it, some delifinium seeds dropped deeper and deeper in the sand there. I've found sprayers work good for it.

CIMG3398.JPGLike this! You need to keep the surface of the sand wet until the gelminating. Seeds are covered with peat moss which keeps water around but if once it gets dried, it's almost impossible to get it wet again. The three factors for seeds to gelminate are #1-water, #2-oxgen, #3-suitable temperture, so you need to keep it wet 'til they gelminate.

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