Friday, November 30, 2012

Watching Geminds

watching_meteor01.jpgLeonids.jpgWe can find even milky way clearly in the sky here in Hakuba. They say Geminds will be visible around Dec.13th-14th this year, would you like to watch them in Hakuba with us?

Our guests can join a star watching for free at the night of Dec.13th, an unique and special chance to watch stars with an astronomer Mr.Watanabe co-operated with Hakuba Goryu sight seeing association.

Schedule for Dec.13th : Never fail to be held, rainy or cloudy it does not matter!
17:00 Reception and explanation for Geminds
18:00~20:00 Free time - maybe dinner time for you.
20:00~Watching stars for about one hour.

4:00 a.m. on Dec.14th : Watching Geminds (Only for attendants on 13th who "would like to" join. Will be canceled if it's rainy or cloudy)

Hmmm.. 4 a.m.?? I am not an earlybird. (Hayaokidori means earlybird though...) (^^;;

You can check room availability and rates through our realtime online booking engine which is located in most of our web pages.
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Actually joined a star watching held in the middle of this Nov. 2012. Mr.Watanabe patiently explained this and that stars to us. I enjoyed the time after a long interval. It's already cold enough here, so please have enough clothes with you.

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