Saturday, May 19, 2012

Step rice paddles at Tochikura, Nakajo

P5190914.JPGWent to Tochikura in the former Nakajo village which is now a part of Nagano city to see the scenery. This is one of a hundred nice step rice paddles in Japan. It's Saturday today, so most families there are at work to transplant rice pots into paddles. This scenery makes my mind very calm. Looks as if it were an original farmers' place in Japan. Hayaokidori website

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Customers who enjoyed our HO gauge layout

NEC_0234.JPGNEC_0236.JPGA family stayed in our accommodation during the GW (What we call Golden Week : The end of April -- May 5th) had their own trains to enjoy our HO gauge layout. They have some former JNR trains and Seibu private railways train. Nice to share the hobby among family members. Hope to see them again. Hayaokidori website