Thursday, November 30, 2006

The distribution of atmospheric pressure

At this time of the year, a lot often there's a high air pressure at the west, a low air pressure at the east of Japan. That is a typical one in winter which brings tons of snow along the Japan sea. Snow came down lower and lower of the mountains.

They say it'll be very cold around this coming weekends.

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Scenery of Germany

Made one of structures which got here yesterday from Canada. It's a small one, just needed 30 minutes to make.

I saw this kind of towers at some old castles along the Rhein river when I traveled around there in '80s. Now I let the DB103 loco work to pull some T.E.E color coaches to run beside the tower. I plan to make a small river at this side, hopefully could put a rustick rock like the Lorerie there.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Something from Canada

"Love letter from Canada!" - Long ago, this song was popular all over Japan. Structures I ordered got to my place today, yay!

They pack stuff very carefully more than I expected. The buffer stuff are colorful. They are all white in Japan. This package left there in Canada PST time zone 4 days ago (Nov.24 PST - Nov.25 JST). I think this is quick, isn't it?

This is what I had waited for. A set of arcade walls to set under the elevated railroad. They had one in stock but I need two, so they told me I had to wait for roughly 2 weeks but it took 4 weeks for them to get ones in stock. I've been learning things in model train world goes this slow!
This arcade wall looks very much toyish, I almost shouted out "It's like a toy" but exactly it is. lol... I almost acted a comedy talk by myself. :o

Luigi's pizzeria. I want to locate this kind of thing in my layout which looks really busy with full of people, praying people in Japan recover their spirits again.

Tables anc chairs. Would like to have them at the open space around the station to express how spirited it is.

Coloring layout also goes ahead slowly fron the second corner ( autumn foliage corner ) to the third corner ( cross country skiing trail ). I have to have a gradation from chest nut color to white somewhere on the way. As this track is hidden by a guard, maybe I will do this later.
They say it might be snowy or rainy from tonight, I'm getting less and less time for making layout. Feels as if I were an elementary school kid who doesn't finish his summer break homework at the last day of a summer break.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Making a layout #11 Curve cant

A continuous curve of 210 angle ( Radius of the inside track = 711mms, outside track = 813mms.) Put some 1mm thin wood at the outside of the curve rails to make some cants there.

Do you find the cant? - maybe a little bit tough to do though :(

Maybe this locomotive above shows it better?

How about this one? The former T.E.E "Gottardo" belonged to S.B.B. Perhaps pictures don't show it good, but the cant made it safer for trains to go through there and also it looks more realistick which I really like.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Making a layout # 10 - Coloring part 2

Coloring process goes ahead little by little like a snail goes.

The first corner is located at this end, the second cornor is done at the deep end.

Getting closer to the second corner.

I'm planning to put many deciduous trees at this corner so that I made it brown at the ground. It needs a lot more time to color scenery by scenery powder than paints. Maybe it won't need so much time if you just need to color a completely flat 1 square meter, but what I have been doing is to color up/downhills which are very narrow and complicated. You put brown powder along the rails then 3 kinds of green powders ( light green, green and dark green ) around. Sometimes the powders slide down to the bottom which is hard to fix. Maybe I am lucky if I can go ahead 1 meter a day!
But when you do that way, the powders create a tiny bit of uneasy surfaces which make it realistic. Maybe the uneasy surfaces are just around 1 mms but this model train stuffs are 1/80 - 1/87 scale, so if the uneasiness were just 1 mm, it would be 80 - 87 mms for real which I really love to have. That's why I can keep going on inspite of having far sighted eyes which seldom forcus things good lol.......

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Express train "Kitaguni"

Arrived at Osaka from Aomori, long distance more than 1,000 kms. Nowadays "Kitaguni" is operated by 583 series electric cars. Not coaches pulled by a locomotive like at that time.
Picture taken around 1976 at Osaka station.

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Sushi the king of Japanese.

Depends on who you ask, some Japanese say sushi is the king of Japanese food, others would say something else. But if you ask me, I would say sushi is.

For some of you, it might be hard to try sushi because the toppings are almost all raw fish as you see. So if you don't eat raw fish, it must be a big challenge to try sushi. But sushi contains much protein and few fat. Good for your health.

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Raining? Snowing?

It was raining around my house, wondered if it was snowing at the ski slopes as it looked like snowing.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Making a layout #9 The 2nd corner.

Keep making the model train layout heading to the 2nd corner after the 1st corner where the mountain house is located.

Brush some water at the surface of the plaster.

Put some bondwater at the both side of rails for brown color powder. I have to do this as quick as possible while the bondwater stay wet. Plaster does swallow water too quick if you don't supply any beforehand so that I need to suply some water beforehand.

I think I have tried some plural ways in turns to do anything! lol..... Masking rails to spray some waterbond. The right side of this picture above is the 2nd corner where I am planning to put some autumn foliage because the 3rd corner would be a crosscountry skiing trails which expresses winter. This 2nd corner should be a prelude for it. The rail ground has been changing the color from green to brown because of the fallen leaves.

Making some areas at the steep hill in the 2nd corner flat to put some trees. Can't find any red, yellow, orange and brown powder in Japan to make autumn foliage. Does anyone know some shops in Japan sell them?

At this moment they are all broadleaf trees I have. Probably need to put a lot more to make it rich.

Stay tuned for 06-07 winter season!

They say at this moment there's 20-30cms of snow at the top of Hakuba Goryu ski slope.

Maybe soon it looks like this.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

My blog moved.

to blogger, successfully :-)