Friday, November 22, 2013

Hakuba Goryu ski slope 2013-2014

Hakuba Goryu ski slope Alps-daira is getting in business from today. 80cms snow there. See details. 2013-14 season is coming. We provide "Early ski pass package", Check room availability in our website. Looking forward to meeting you in our place.Hayaokidori website

Monday, August 26, 2013


NEC_0181.JPGIt has been hotter or colder than usual this year, a bit strange weather here and there in Japan. Everything seems to be harvested less than usual, our black beans in the tiny farm have not been ready yet. But chervils in some of our pots grow alright. As you see, they look sensitive and weak but actually they grow well you provide everything they like. They survive in the snow! Most herbs love strong sunshine but they are one of a few exceptions. They prefer cooler place where there's some shades like just a bottom of big trees. They prefer moist and fertilized sand. We put some leaf mould for it to keep them that way. If it's November, strong sunshine like in summer never kills them, so sometimes we put them in sunshine to grow.
They smells good in your mouth, just slightly though. One of our favorite herb for cooking :-)

Hayaokidori website


Summer flowers don't grow right maybe due to the heavy rainfalls.(><)P8261253.JPGFlowers we always have don't grow alright, so tried petunia for the first time. They say it does not grow good if it gets rainfalls. We put the pots at the corner of our garden where there are no tree branches above so that it never gets raindrops from the tip of the branches. It seems ok at the moment We got them after the rainy season was over, so if we got them before the rainy season, it might have been different. Lately some new comers are also available e.g prietta but even the prietta has not grown good this summer. By the way, we hardly have the typical rainfalls like silk in rainy season lately like we did before. It always goes like tropical rainfalls which starts all of sudden for a quarter to an hour. What's going on? Those tropical hard rainfalls often bring disasters.... Hayaokidori website

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cleaning the HO gauge model train layout.

P4301147.JPGCleaned our HO gauge model train layout very hard today. When I use a vacuum cleaner for it, it always causes to repair structures, figures etc. Reparing them is very sensitive work, I need to do anything very carefully. Probably it is harder than making them for the first time. But can't complain, if I don't use a vacuum cleaner for it, probably much harder! Hayaokidori website

Friday, February 15, 2013

Igloos for candles

NEC_0293.JPGWhile I played with my buddy da snowblower II, I made some igloos for candles by using a bucket. Put candles going on in them and placed around the front. When candles are going on, the fire make our heart warm! Actually snow removing is a tough job but if it's only tough tough tough and no fun, it's no fun. I always try to find something fun when I need to do something boring or hard :) Check the detail in our Facebook page Hayaokidori website

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Happy New Year 2013

A Happy New Year from Hakuba!new_years_decoration.jpg Tried to put some new year decoration with a kind of ivy and a mini tree in a tiny pot. We hope this year will go alright with everyone. Hayaokidori website