Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Internazionale Milano, the winner of CL '09-'10

Internazionale Milano won against Bayern Munich at the final of Europe Champions League '09-'10. That was the third time for Inter Milano to be a champion after 45 seasons' interval. It was a couple of seasons ago when a club in Italy got the champion - AC Milan if I remember right - , they say that Serie A is losing power comparing with England premier league and Lega Espanola while Bundesleaga has been
chasing Serie A.
But this time Inter Milano showed that Serie A clubs still have power to be a champion at the CL stage.
On the other hand, it's ironic that Wesley Snijder and Alijen Robben who got notifications to get out of the club at the begining of this season from Real Madrid met to play the final there in Sanchago Pernabeu which is the home ground of Real Madrid.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Echium blue bedder

CIMG3891.JPGI got 3 packs of echium blue bedder seeds today and seeded 1+1/2 packs.
A couple days ago, I happened to find this flower on browsing web with a keyword "Delfinium". I think blue flowers look cool in summer, so I ordered 3 packs of seeds at a web shop. They say Echium blue bedder is very popular flower in the U.K, I think it looks like a blue bed if I can grow it good.

CIMG3892.JPGAs they are imported from the U.K, everything is described in English. It seems that it needs 7-28 days for them to germinate. 7 and 28 are very different and sounds very approximate :) lol
I ordered 3 packs of it and just seeded 1+1/2 packs today. It's first time for me to try seeding this flower, I will seed the rest a bit later so that I can avoid having them all dead.

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Cherry blossoms still in bloom.

NEC_0130.JPGSometimes I still find some cherry blossoms in bloom even at this time of the year while I drive somewhere in Hakuba. This one is what I took a couple of days ago. It's outstanding because there's no other cherry blossoms around. As the sunlight got in the camera, it looks a bit vague though.
Maybe I should walk around sometimes instead of driving a car to find something more.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yellow tulips '10

CIMG3871.JPGTulips are in bloom this year, too. They are covered with snow during winter but they survive with it. What if it was somewhere cold but dry without enough snow?

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Model train workship

Model train geeks get together! The subject this time is "replacing engines". If you collect some model trains and would like to talk about this and that about replacing engines, time for you to join us!


Looking forward to meeting you.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Seeding some

When you have some flowers, sometimes it costs too much more than expected if you keep purchasing flower pots. So, it helps if you try to seed something.

CIMG3870.JPGShort cosmoses. I expect they won't get down by wind.

CIMG3877.JPGDelfiniums. Funnels don't work good to give water to them because if you use a funnel for it, some delifinium seeds dropped deeper and deeper in the sand there. I've found sprayers work good for it.

CIMG3398.JPGLike this! You need to keep the surface of the sand wet until the gelminating. Seeds are covered with peat moss which keeps water around but if once it gets dried, it's almost impossible to get it wet again. The three factors for seeds to gelminate are #1-water, #2-oxgen, #3-suitable temperture, so you need to keep it wet 'til they gelminate.