Friday, November 30, 2012

Watching Geminds

watching_meteor01.jpgLeonids.jpgWe can find even milky way clearly in the sky here in Hakuba. They say Geminds will be visible around Dec.13th-14th this year, would you like to watch them in Hakuba with us?

Our guests can join a star watching for free at the night of Dec.13th, an unique and special chance to watch stars with an astronomer Mr.Watanabe co-operated with Hakuba Goryu sight seeing association.

Schedule for Dec.13th : Never fail to be held, rainy or cloudy it does not matter!
17:00 Reception and explanation for Geminds
18:00~20:00 Free time - maybe dinner time for you.
20:00~Watching stars for about one hour.

4:00 a.m. on Dec.14th : Watching Geminds (Only for attendants on 13th who "would like to" join. Will be canceled if it's rainy or cloudy)

Hmmm.. 4 a.m.?? I am not an earlybird. (Hayaokidori means earlybird though...) (^^;;

You can check room availability and rates through our realtime online booking engine which is located in most of our web pages.
For exampleEnglish top page 

Actually joined a star watching held in the middle of this Nov. 2012. Mr.Watanabe patiently explained this and that stars to us. I enjoyed the time after a long interval. It's already cold enough here, so please have enough clothes with you.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

When wind changes

P9140962.JPGAutumn wind invited me to walk around, so I did. Found rice paddles look yellower than before. Didn't notice it at all as I had not paid enough attention to it. I guess perhaps when wind changes, it's a sign to inform us the season changes.
A Youtube clip by Hakuba sightseeing association. We had fewer rainfalls in this previous rainy season and now we have usual rainfalls in this September. No worries at all any more for water supply, I guess farmers wanted more rainfalls in rainy season when their vegitables and stuff grow than in harvesting time. They say a typhoon is hitting Okinawa region this coming weekends, I hope people there talk about where to escape to share the information just in case. Hayaokidori website

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Toyoshina I.C is scheduled to be renamed as Azumino I.C

On Oct.7th 2012, they'll renamed the I.C. Check it out and note it when you drive this area. Have a safe trip!
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Forget-me-nots and violas in our flower bed.

Forget-me-nots and violas are in bloom in our flower beds.P6080935.JPGTried to take some pics using some functions in my digital camera. This setting seems to be called "Pop". Maybe for ads. P6080936.JPG This seems to be called "Pin hole". Bright in the middle, shadow in the corners. P6080937.JPGFresh eye. They say fish see things like this. Wonder if I were fish, perhaps I would get headache if I see everything like this lol I am not good at using every function, but it's important to try. Hayaokidori web site

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Step rice paddles at Tochikura, Nakajo

P5190914.JPGWent to Tochikura in the former Nakajo village which is now a part of Nagano city to see the scenery. This is one of a hundred nice step rice paddles in Japan. It's Saturday today, so most families there are at work to transplant rice pots into paddles. This scenery makes my mind very calm. Looks as if it were an original farmers' place in Japan. Hayaokidori website

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Customers who enjoyed our HO gauge layout

NEC_0234.JPGNEC_0236.JPGA family stayed in our accommodation during the GW (What we call Golden Week : The end of April -- May 5th) had their own trains to enjoy our HO gauge layout. They have some former JNR trains and Seibu private railways train. Nice to share the hobby among family members. Hope to see them again. Hayaokidori website

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Powder again!

P3270854.JPGAfter a couple of powder snowy days, it's fine all around today. Never thought I had to play with my snowblower at this time of the year to remove snow. It's always awesome to see a fine day after a bunch of snowfalls.
 In some southern regions in Japan, they say they have already seen some cherry blossoms while we still have some snowfalls. Many types of climates in this tiny country.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

About big snow around

NEC_0203.JPGThey say people in snowy area have big snow every day this year but compared to the usual year, we don't have so much here in Hakuba. Just less than usual. People in Iiyama, Nozawa and Madarao area in Nagano and Niigata prefecture have a lot. I think our area and those areas are exclusively related. When they have big snow, we don't but when we have, they don't.


 Roads to Hakuba are well maintained , so please just have equipments for snowy roads for your car and drive safe.

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