Sunday, January 27, 2008

Candles for welcome back

It has been under zero celsis here in Hakuba for a couple of days. Just put some candles in glasses outside of the front door.

We hope this is a heart warming thing for our customers back from the ski slopes being almost frozen.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Still active #3 - 115 series 1000

A 115-1000 series EMU train ready for Matsumoto at Shinano-Oomachi station.

Most Ooito line local train services are now by E127 series, but a few of 115-1000 series are still in charge for some especially trains that get out of Ooito line. When they get in Shinonoi line from Matsumoto, the ATS (Auto Train Stop ) system there in Shinonoi line seems different from the ones in Ooito line, so E127 series can not get out of Ooito line due to their system.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

One cold day, -6C at 3 p.m.

A real winter day after a long interval. It has been warmer than usual at this time of the year, it feels a bit weird. We got enough much snow to hit the ski slopes so it's no problem for skiers/snowboard, but it's been as if it were not winter.
Snow today was very dry and "powder". Even my snowblower slipped which was a bit scary when I removed snow.
It seems that it will have been snowy this week.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Local train going up Hakuba Sanosaka.

I needed to go to Oomachi city today to get one of my van. I got on a local train and took some clips. This above is at Sanosaka ( Located between Minami-kamishiro and Yanaba ski jo mae ). It's a continuous uphill of 2.5% after the snow shade throughout the Lake Aoki. Must have been tough in the old steam locomotive days.

This below is from Yanaba to Uminokuchi, a continuous downhill. Lake Aoki area is a summit of this valley.

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Hakuba Onbe 2008

Onbe is a traditional event here in HaKuba. But our area is only one which still holds this event even now. All the other areas have already quit it, maybe it must have been tough to keep holding it. Onbe is held at the first Sunday after the new year's day. The date is really flexible. If the first Sunday was Jan.2nd, maybe people in Hakuba are very busy because most of them have jobs related to ski industry. Perhaps the date would be postponed next Sunday ( 9th ) in that case.
At the Onbe day, children visit each and every door to ask some donation for them. Some adults in charge of the community hall activities have to lead them. I am the one for this year ( April 07 - March 08 ), so I did the work. People dontate some can ask them to receive old cards to burn. Those cards are a kind of religious stuff to pray something.

Collected cards, Daruma-s are hanged at the pole, then make fire at the bottom.
When the pole falls down, this fire event ends.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Happy New Year 2008

We got a big bunch of snow from Dec.30th 2007 throughout Jan.1st 2008 here in Hakuba. As you see, now we can let the candles go in the snow igloos :-)

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