Monday, November 24, 2014

Earthquake but we survive!

A big earthquake attacked North part of Nagano prefecture at 22:08 on Nov.22th 2014. It was a big one of Magnitude 6.7 and occured around 5kms depth. We were shaken as well for a while. Some dishes, bottles were broken, a tiny bit of wall paper fell. That's all, we survive. Lifelines work alright in this area. In some areas they seem to have some difficulties at the moment. Some roads are closed, you need to check it out when you need to do. It was a quite big shake, I have never experienced that big one yet. But none was gone, no fire anywhere. It was miracle. We can shut down fire by fire extinguishers but we can't stop earthquakes. I thought this and that while I was shaken. Now I feel it happy to be alive when I wake up in the morning. I would like to thank every message, phone call and e-mail to encourage us. Now I clean houses by throwing broken cups and stuff. Also check things are alright. Maybe I am now more nervous than needed against shakes when it happens. I hope it'll go better in short. Earthquakes could happen everywhere in Japan. You never know when and where. Better prepare thing which protect you. Hayaokidori website

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A new comer hot spring "Kita one no yu"

The subject line says it all, now another hot spring is available at the middle of Happo one. Guess perhaps the view from there would be awesome. Have to check it by visiting there as soon as possible. Check our facebook page for the details.
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Shoya Maruhachi - an old Japanese house for cafe and restaurant

P7121408.JPGShoya Maruhachi is located at Shinden, Hakuba Iwatake. An old farmers house which was built in Edo era. Took the American high school students there when we accepted them as a host family last month after experiencing EX adventure. When we entered, the front area was renovated but still thick old pillars and structures were also there. You can order some drinks and cafe there. Also you can have some dinner at night. Shoya Maruhachi English website
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

JR Chuoh line train service is available again!

Due to an avalanche of rocks and earth occured last month, JR Chuoh line train service had been unavailable for about a month. But they are available again from today. Limited express Shinano trains are also available. What a quick restruction! I wonder what I can do only for a month...
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hydrangea and gypsophil

 P7221413.JPGWe have many kind of flowers in our garden. Just cut some hydrangeas and gypsophils to put in a pot at the front. We like to have this kind of blue and white arrangement in summer to provide cool atmosphere. Hydrangea is a shrub,gypsophil is a perennial plant. We thought they were easy to have but reality always goes different! They also need our attention, we need to cut their branches when they grow a lot, we need to get rid of weeds around their bottom. Much harder than expected. Maybe one year plants could be easier to have because we just need to put them into flower beds and pull them out when they die! Neighbours' glasses always look greener :)   Hayaokidori webiste

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hakuba EX adventure

P7121403.JPGWe tried to be a host family for 4 American high school boys the other day. They are around 14 years old saying their parents are younger than I!. That gave me a slight shock :) We got a chance to experience Hakuba EX adventure. I just escaped because I don't like to get higher than ground. But anyway it's awesome being young. They yell a lot while they go ahead. It seldom happens when one gets old like me! We old people often complain our hands hurt, our knees hurt etc. It reminded me of my younger days when I was with them. Thanks staying with us, boys!
Hakuba EX adventure
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Round shape egg plants

NEC_0477.JPGLong time no see!I hope everyone is alright. I got a couple of egg plant today. They are called "maru-nasu" (round shaped egg plants). Usual stuff here in Nagano prefecture. I am originally from Osaka where smaller round shaped egg plants that are called Kyo-nasu are available. Maru-nasu is a lot bigger than Kyo-nasu. Marunasu is a bit harder for your teeth than long shaped egg plants. One of regional food Oyaki has this flavor and personally I like to steam this round shaped egg plants to have some with mastard soy sause. But guess probably not good for mahbonasu, too hard for it. Hayaokidori website