Thursday, January 20, 2011

Candle in the snow '2011

Finally we got enough bunch of snow on our flowerbeds to enojoy candles in the snow there.
NEC_0160.JPGI put candles and make fire on them when we got enough bunch of snow which I remove by my snowblower. Let's say approximately when it reaches 1 meter tall.
Bored if we can not find anything fun in this cruel long winter to survive. What do you find to enjoy in winter?

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow removing whole day long!

The biggest snowfall this season since last night. I needed to remove the snow, ready to go! 。
P1150013.JPGAround the front. Keep throwing the snow at the border with a path. Have to be careful not to injure anyone or any cars.

Our parking.
Look at the left caterpillar of the snow blower! We got 40-50cms snow only in a night! We are located along the main road which reaches Hakuba Goryu ski slope, so I always need to be careful passers by and traffics when I remove snow.

Opposite side of our house
P1150015.JPGNo public snow removing service available there. So when we need to remove snow there, I do.... but if it's not needed, I don't lol

The roof of our warehouse is not steep enough for the snow to drop off by itself, so I need to climb there to remove it all. This picture is not the one this time, it's one in the past. But anyway I need to do the same every winter.

Now I am in my 50's, honestly saying it's a bit tough to do snow removing job whole day long. But have to enjoy it while I live here. If I lived in a warmer place, probably i don't have a chance to do.
They say it will be snowy tonight and tomorrow as well, probably i will do it again tomorrow as well.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cooked some apple pies and lasagna

P1120005.JPGIt was snowing outside today but no need to remove snow. I concentrated on cooking some apple pies and lasagna. The rum I bought the other day got chance to be used.

P1120001.JPGMaking some apple fillings.

P1120006.JPGWrap the apple fillings by a couple of pie sheets which are unfrozen in a confy room temperture.

alt="P1120008.JPG" />Grill them in an oven.

P1120010.JPGDone! Put some ice cream on top of an apple pie which is just done. What an amazing combination but I cant take it coz of my diet!

P1120002.JPGMaking some lasagna sauce.

P1120007.JPGI use this lasagna. Wave shape at the longer edge. The waves bothers the lasagna to get connected when they are boiled.

P1120011.JPGAnyway, they connect easily in hot water, so I use this kind of "secret weapon" to make it easier to cook!

P1120009.JPGPut some boiled lasagna then sause, repeat it some time and put some white sauce and cheese on top. Put them in an oven to grill. A bit of fresh rosemarry makes it richer.
 I cut the lasagna when I put them in the oven board, so it needs more time for me to cook but easier to eat when they are done.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New digital camera

I bought a new digital camera which enables to connect 3 pictures as one.
CIMG4066.JPGIt's not powered by a lithium battery but by 4 size AA batteries. I almost said "huh? AA size batteries?" but might be convenient while I am out. It's not easy to charge a lithium battery there but easier to get some AA size batteries. 

First trial to make one.
Erm... I guess perhaps you can find the connection part very easily lol...
I have to train the skill how to do!!!
A bit wonder this is good or bad when we get this kind of useful stuff.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Happy New Year 2011

rum_01.JPG Bought a bottle of Rum today as our stock went less and less. I don't drink alcohol in regular bases, just an occasional drinker. But I use some for cooking. Rum is a must to cook apple pie.

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