Saturday, February 16, 2008

Well, I'm showing my secret hobby place where I make/repair model trains.

View from the opposite side of the control board.

See a bit lower and lower....

Here's the place where I make/repair model trains!

This desk is 90cms depth, 180cms wide. Big enough to work for modeltrains, but anyway the layout is above it, so a little bit hard to see something at the shelf in the deep. The overhang is roughly 60cms from the other side, so my face and head are free from it even when I sit in a chair to do the work to make something there.
Recently I do a lot of things here not only making model trains.

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Monday, February 4, 2008


We get more and more equipments in our daily life, sometimes we need to rearrange them. I had some boxes to put them all in, but it was tough for me to find correct ones quickly, so now I have a kind of "exibition" board to hang them there. Easier to find correct ones!

See, easy to find what you look for? :p I made this board by myself in a tiny space. The right side is main space and the left side is the door to hide everything lol... Good idea!?

Things that are not suitable to be hanged are in translucent drawers. Many more than I supposed.

Just a big pair of "plus" and "minus" icons for screwdrivers. Easier for an old fart with far sighted eyes lol....

Snow removing set - some pairs of bolts and nuts, spanners all together. I can grab some when I need any. If I needed to search them each and every time when I remove snow, it'll be very tough work.

I think people who are good at arranging stuff are people who could abondan things correctly. They don't hold unnecessary stuff at all, I guess.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hakuba ice candles

They say people in Finland make ice candles in their gardens at this time of the year when it gets coldest.

I tried to make some in following way this morning from last night.

#1. Check weather report, it probably needs to get minus 10 celsis at night at least for 5-6 hours ( maybe more ) to make this ice cover.
#2. Prepare tinplate buckets then fill enough water there. Put and leave them somewhere windy outside.
#3. Waking up at 5:30 a.m.,Grrrrrr and brrrr LOL

#4.Give some hot water around the outside of the buckets, have one upside down to take the ice out of them.

It was not frozen yet around the bottom of the buckets, this no frozen space is for a candle to go!

#5. Make fire at candles then put the ice cover upside down.

Candles are in glasses, so if you put them on snow, the glasses melt the snow around them to get deep in the snow as they get warm while fires at the candles are going on. You have to put something e.g. a thin piece of wood under the glass to avoid it. Air path needed at the lower side of the ice covers to supply oxen for the fire at candles.

**Be careful**
When you touch snow, ice, water under this condition of minus 10 celsis, you need to wear a pair of gloves. If you don't, your hands get frozen to some metal things e.g. door knobs, shovels etc when you touch them. Then it's really hard to get your hands apart from them! Maybe those who have not experienced this yet might not believe it, but just wear a pair of gloves!!

Just candles, but they can penetrate the thick ice ceilings by their warm fire.

Finland is located at that high latitude area, they can see sun nights in summer but they are to have long cold night time in winter instead. I guess that's one of reason why they make ice candles to warm their hearts.

***Additional note at night
It was damn cold outside today, been under zero all day long. It seems that it had been minus 14-13 celsis from midnight to 6 a.m. this morning!! The ice covers did not melt at all, so I used them again to enjoy ice candles at night as well.

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