Monday, February 4, 2008


We get more and more equipments in our daily life, sometimes we need to rearrange them. I had some boxes to put them all in, but it was tough for me to find correct ones quickly, so now I have a kind of "exibition" board to hang them there. Easier to find correct ones!

See, easy to find what you look for? :p I made this board by myself in a tiny space. The right side is main space and the left side is the door to hide everything lol... Good idea!?

Things that are not suitable to be hanged are in translucent drawers. Many more than I supposed.

Just a big pair of "plus" and "minus" icons for screwdrivers. Easier for an old fart with far sighted eyes lol....

Snow removing set - some pairs of bolts and nuts, spanners all together. I can grab some when I need any. If I needed to search them each and every time when I remove snow, it'll be very tough work.

I think people who are good at arranging stuff are people who could abondan things correctly. They don't hold unnecessary stuff at all, I guess.

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