Saturday, August 2, 2008

Harvested potatoes

At this time of the year, we always harvest potatoes we grow. It's the hottest time in the year. But Hakuba provides comfortable climate so it's okay. Thanks god we are not in Tokyo! :-)
 After harvesting potatoes, we have to dry them in the sunshine maybe for some days. If you didn't do this, they go bad. We don't want to miss them so we have to do it.
Sometimes ravens steal some while we put potatoes in the sunshine, I didn't know they steal even potatoes.

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Steafan MacRisnidh said...

I didn't know you could harvest potatoes in Nagano! Interesting. I thought only in Hokkaido! I love potatoes. Especially potato scones.

PS. I'm going to delete and publish more complete information on Gaelic in Scotland! In Japanese, of course, for my ownself's language development!

gamera63 said...

Hi Steafan.
Thanks for your comment.
Potatoes are harvested not only in Hokkaido but also in some other places. I think you can grow and harvest some even around your location. But I guess probably there are not enough yards there.
Hokkaido is not a fertile place that's why good for growing potatoes there. Maybe Hakuba is also not a fertile place. Depends on what you grow, you need to adjust how much fertilizrs you need to give. If you grow onions, you need to give a lot, but if it's potatoes, you don't need to. Just slight a bit :-)