Thursday, January 15, 2009

First sking in 08-09 season.

Went to Hakuba Goryu on 12th and Sun-Alpine today with our customers from Melbourne. Young boys of 22 years old and an old fart of 48 years old. Must look as if a bad father took care of his sons. Unfortunately we had a heavy condition like a blizzard when we tried Hakuba Goryu but we did revenge when we visited Sun-Alpine.
I feel it somehow mysterious whenever I find new snow on a sunny morning.

Boys whom I went there together are from Melbourne, they are pretty young enough but I am not any more, so probably I am inferior to them in physically but this old man knows the ski slopes much better than they - where something is, where to rest etc. So he tried to have them all flat lane which snowboarders really hate. But actually we need to do that when we move from Sanosaka to Aokiko and opposite.
Being young is always nice, they kept getting in new snow which skiers can hardly do because it's difficult for skiers to get out of it when they get in there.

Most ski slopes in Hakuba give people some mountainious views but in Sun-alpine there are many woody tracks around. A bit unique.

Took a movie clip when the boys were snowboarding at one of Aokiko ski slopes.

Beautiful view of Aokiko from Sanosaka. It does not seem to get frozen yet. It could be because of the global warming. I bought a 1 day pass but needed to stop skiing earlier. Age sucks!!!! Can not hold sore muscles for some days. When I got back home, I found snow on the roof dropped off. Extra work to remove it. Probably I would have sore muscles all over tomorrow.

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