Sunday, May 3, 2009

Georgetown Loop railway

An old railway construted for freight trains was transferred a sight seeing one in Colorado U.S.A I love the fantastic whitsle and the slow speed even walking human beings can chase!

When I check the train carefully, I find some freight cars without roofs and ones for transport animals! Wonder if I were told I should get on the one for animals judged my weight lol....

Perhaps thisis their website?

Hayaokidori website


Steve Walden said...

I have ridden this train many times! It's 45 minutes west of Denver in Colorado. Beautiful scenery! Be careful if you are afraid of heights, though. The bridge is 100 ft (30 m) above the river.

I haven't seen many animals inside the train, unless dogs are included.

Steve Walden
Colorado Railroads blogColorado USA

gamera63 said...

Hi Steve
Thanks for your comment, wow you've already ridden this train many times!?!? Envy you! It must be so much fun!!
Hmmm actually I am affraid of heights lol.....
I should not see the ground from the train!