Monday, November 24, 2014

Earthquake but we survive!

A big earthquake attacked North part of Nagano prefecture at 22:08 on Nov.22th 2014. It was a big one of Magnitude 6.7 and occured around 5kms depth. We were shaken as well for a while. Some dishes, bottles were broken, a tiny bit of wall paper fell. That's all, we survive. Lifelines work alright in this area. In some areas they seem to have some difficulties at the moment. Some roads are closed, you need to check it out when you need to do. It was a quite big shake, I have never experienced that big one yet. But none was gone, no fire anywhere. It was miracle. We can shut down fire by fire extinguishers but we can't stop earthquakes. I thought this and that while I was shaken. Now I feel it happy to be alive when I wake up in the morning. I would like to thank every message, phone call and e-mail to encourage us. Now I clean houses by throwing broken cups and stuff. Also check things are alright. Maybe I am now more nervous than needed against shakes when it happens. I hope it'll go better in short. Earthquakes could happen everywhere in Japan. You never know when and where. Better prepare thing which protect you. Hayaokidori website

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