Friday, June 27, 2008

Strawberry 2008

Time for harvesting strawberries! We grow some strawberries but it seems that it might be a bit cold for them to grow here in Hakuba. Never seen any bit ones sold in markets. Strawberries are red but the flowers are white like you see.

Strawberries attract birds with their red fruits, so we put some nets to protect fruits. But the nets are not very small, just need to protect them from birds. Bugs can go through the nets because they are to work for pollination :-)

Making some strawberry jam. Add some sugar and leave them for an hour or so. Water comes out from the strawberries then simmer the pan. Add some lemon juice. That's all, easy isn't it!? Wish the jam itself also looks this beautiful but actually it looks a little bit darker in color.

Icecream, strawberry jam and spare mint. The color combination is like Italian flag. Would like to have it but I am still on my diet to lose some extra weight!!! LOL

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