Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How hanged flower pots are destroyed!

Now everything was clear why our hanged flower pots are broken so easily.
The sand in the pots were covered by some hemp palm fibers which go bad easily.

I never imagined this, but...

White eyes pick the hemp palm fibers one after another!!!

I guess probably now it's time for them to breed, so they need some materials to make nests for it. Hemp palm finbers are probably good for them though, I almost laughed out loud. Never, never imagined they were the criminals :)

Even small living things work that hard to live on, why don't we?

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Steafan MacRisnidh said...

Hi. I think my friend Scotty stayed in your establishment in April this year! A small Scottish guy, with brown eyes and hair, and red marks on his skin. He had a great time.