Wednesday, June 27, 2007

To plant cuttings

I decided to try cutting plants as it was a little bit cloudy today, easily supposed it would be rainy. Would be survenirs for our overnight staying customers in this coming summer.

Spare mints and pepper mint I cut 1 week or 10 days ago. I put them into water. The left side ones which looks a bit lighter color with more wrinkles are spare mints, others are pepper mints.

It makes some roots come up from the end and joints to put them into water for a week or 10 days. This makes things a lot easier.

Just like this below. You can not expect the plants to stay completely vertically when you do this. This is not the same when you transplant some new pots which you buy in some flower shops. I just let them lean the edge of the pots. When their roots grow enough, they will grow vertically.

Hum... I should have cut them a bit shorter :(

Cut pet bottles for the roots to come up. You just need to fill some water in each bottle to put some plants for a week or 10 days. I will put some other cut mints late.

These below are common thymes. Their roots don't come up easily even if we put them in pots full of water. In that case, just put them in some sand directly.

Plants we can grow their roots first like basil, mints are easier for us to plant cuttings. Plants we can not do that easily e.g. thyme, rosemary are not so easy to do. Probably better to try another way to get some new pots.

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