Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cooked some apple pies and lasagna

P1120005.JPGIt was snowing outside today but no need to remove snow. I concentrated on cooking some apple pies and lasagna. The rum I bought the other day got chance to be used.

P1120001.JPGMaking some apple fillings.

P1120006.JPGWrap the apple fillings by a couple of pie sheets which are unfrozen in a confy room temperture.

alt="P1120008.JPG" />Grill them in an oven.

P1120010.JPGDone! Put some ice cream on top of an apple pie which is just done. What an amazing combination but I cant take it coz of my diet!

P1120002.JPGMaking some lasagna sauce.

P1120007.JPGI use this lasagna. Wave shape at the longer edge. The waves bothers the lasagna to get connected when they are boiled.

P1120011.JPGAnyway, they connect easily in hot water, so I use this kind of "secret weapon" to make it easier to cook!

P1120009.JPGPut some boiled lasagna then sause, repeat it some time and put some white sauce and cheese on top. Put them in an oven to grill. A bit of fresh rosemarry makes it richer.
 I cut the lasagna when I put them in the oven board, so it needs more time for me to cook but easier to eat when they are done.

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