Thursday, January 20, 2011

Candle in the snow '2011

Finally we got enough bunch of snow on our flowerbeds to enojoy candles in the snow there.
NEC_0160.JPGI put candles and make fire on them when we got enough bunch of snow which I remove by my snowblower. Let's say approximately when it reaches 1 meter tall.
Bored if we can not find anything fun in this cruel long winter to survive. What do you find to enjoy in winter?

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wme said...

Hope that the candle can encourage more Japanese to recover soon and start their new life.Despite the snow is cold, but they still can feel how warm we are going to give them.

gamera63 said...

Thanks wme, actually it still goes hard for us to recover immediately but we have done this again and again in the past.
I am sure we would do it this time as well.
Thanks again.