Thursday, March 8, 2007

Rubber bond

Bond bases on rubber. Didn't have this kind of bond, so I went to a "home center" (DIY shop) to get one.

The guide explanation note says I put this bond both A and B when I want to glue them. And have to wait for 5-10 minutes to get them half dried. Then have to connect them. Errrr I might try to do something else for the 5-10 minutes if I have a lot of things to do but then I am not sure if I remember I have something to connect and have to do that AFTER the 5-10 minuetes BEFORE this bond gets completly dried. But nowadays I think I'm getting older and older as well as my memory, sometimes easily forget anything. Probably I guess I had better be patient to wait for the 5-10 minutes doing nothing else, otherwise I will get some extra work to take the dried bond off of the objects to try it again :(

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