Saturday, September 1, 2007

Trainings for an earthquake disaster and a firefighting

There were some training for an earthquake disaster and a firefighting today. I joined one held at a nursery school.

Practising how to spread water around. The water pressure is very strong, someone has to support the hose otherwise only one person can not control the hose.

Connecting a couple of hoses. This is same everywhere in Japan if it comes to fireplugs.

Step on one hose which is screwing, then move the other hose like the red arrow in the pic above. This is easy.

Disconnecting a couple of hoses.

You need to push a ring (pointed by a red arrow in the pic above) towards this side which makes a noise to get disconnected. If you pull both hoses not doing that, they never get disconnected.

Firemen said that when an earthquake happens, a lot people in a wide area are to suffer at a time. It must be hard for them to handle everything. They might not be able even to go there due to landslidings, destroyed roads and bridges etc. I think we need to learn and practice what we can do at that case by ourselves

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