Friday, March 21, 2008

47 years old Japanese inn master skiing Hakuba 47 in March 08

Finally I got a chance to ski for the first time this season when it's March. Wish I could make it earlier in January or February, but a lot often tough to do that.
Anyway, I visited the Hakuba Goryu & Hakube 47 ski slopes which are my home ground with my guests. One of them seemed to take a movie clip, I didn't know he did that.

It seemed I skiied a bit too fast, no one followed me (^^;;
What a bastard inn master when his customer tried to take a clip!
I should have known it!!
Once again he took another one and I was informed he would.

It was very warm today, the temperture was going up and up and up, very slashy there. Even hard to turn correctly. It was a past story for me to ski very fast, I am getting older and maturer, don't ski that fast any more but would like to handle any situation - powder or wet snow, fast or slow skiing to be a good veteran old fart skier :-)
Thanks for my customers, they made my day!

Found this kind of stuff at the Hakuba Goryu Escal plaza.
ski/snowboard cleaner Air guns which take snow off from snowboards and skis. It seems some compressers were hid in the wall besides them, tough to hide that kind of stuffs from train fans while trains have some compressers to open/close the doors. We are used to the noise, so we know what's inside the wall! :) Seems very convenient to skiers, snowboarders.

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